5 Useful Yoga Accessories To Enhance Your Practice

Similar to any other industry, the yoga world has an abundance of different accessories and equipment you can choose from to aid you. Especially if you’re new to yoga, a few bits and pieces can be of big help to making the most of your time. Whether you practice yoga to improve your flexibility or for spirituality, here’s a list of 5 accessories that may be of benefit to you:

Yoga Mat

The benefits of having a good quality yoga mat are well known. Transform your yoga routine with greater comfort and support as well as giving yourself a stable surface to perform on. Yoga mats can be bought fairly inexpensively at most large retail stores. If you begin to incorporate yoga into your daily or even weekly routine, it may be worth investing in a more durable, high-quality yoga mat. Getting a high-quality mat right from the start may even motivate you to keep practicing yoga for the long-term!

Yoga Block

A yoga block can complement the yoga routine of both a beginner and an experienced yogi. Many common yoga poses can seem intimidating to someone just starting out. A yoga block is a nice aid that can help you benefit from poses that you may not be able to do without the block. For example, if you can’t quite reach the floor in a forward fold position, the block will give you a stable surface to rest your hands on. The block can also make poses harder for those of you who are more experienced. Holding the block up or placing it between your legs during certain poses will introduce an additional form of resistance.

Yoga Mat Bag

Now that you know the importance of having a yoga mat, you need something to carry it around in. Heavy duty yoga mats in particular, can be cumbersome and a pain to carry around. Yoga bags can be found in all shapes and sizes to suit the mat you have. Carrying around your mat will become much easier with this great accessory!

Yoga Blanket

Although a yoga mat will usually be enough to make your routine comfortable, a blanket is a great accessory to provide extra support and comfort. If you’re not in a position where you can afford a high-quality, thick yoga mat then a blanket can act
as a great addition to a cheaper mat.


When you’re regularly practicing yoga as part of your routine, using incense can get you in the right frame of mind. Engaging your sense of smell may help you to focus on what you’re doing rather than having your mind wandering off somewhere else. After all, yoga is often used as a meditative exercise to bring you into the present moment. Having something like incense each time you perform your routine can be a great way of staying alert and in the moment.


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