Throat Chakra Kit
Throat Chakra Kit
Throat Chakra Kit
Throat Chakra Kit
Throat Chakra Kit

Throat Chakra Kit

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Chakra candle for balancing and opening the throat chakra. Reiki infused.

The Throat Chakra, also known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit is the first of the higher chakras and it is the energy centre of expressing ourselves.

This is the Chakra connected with our authentic voice and our right to speak our truth.

An open Vishuddha allows expression, understanding and effective communication.

When this Chakra is blocked we may be afraid to speak our mind, or find ourselves agreeing with others and becoming too accepting of what others want from us.

This can manifest as social anxiety, shyness, fear of speaking, or even stubbornness.

An open Throat Chakra enables us to speak honestly and compassionately.

Communication is central to all relationships and any work done on this Chakra will strengthen self confidence and confident relationships.

Made with Jasmine and Roman Chamomile essential oils.

Jasmine opens up our repressed emotions and allows for greater communication of our feelings.

This oil allows energy to flow in our throat area, while enhancing relationships and intimacy.

Roman Chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory, aiding ease of speech.

It's soothing properties help to calm thoughts and reduces anger in our words.

Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this candle while speaking affirmations, or for meditation.

Comes in a glass hexagonal container with screw top lid.

Contains: One Throat Candle One Throat meditation medallion in a velvet pouch with chakra design.

150ml burn time 24 hours. 190ml burn time 30 hours 240ml burn time 40 hours.

Please note colour shades may vary.


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